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New Version of 180 Ton Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

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The New version of 180 Ton hydraulic static pile driver 

ZYC 180 BS-G1

ZYCHydraulic Static Pile Driver
180 Max piling capacity
 B Embracing pile driving
 S Telescopic supporting leg
 Gattachable side pilig mechanism
 1  loading counterweight under crane

Technology  advantages
· Able to install a wide range of concrete pile sizes from 200mm x 200mm to 500mm x 500 mm and spun piles
    from 200mm to 500 mm diameter
· Telescopic supporting leg which is connivent for machine transferring and avoid wearing.
· Attachable side piling can greatly shorten the side piling distance for demanding job request.
· Separated clamping box for the side piling mechanism.No need hanging clamping box from the center.
· Inverted cylinder applicated which avoids radial force on the piston and breakage of cylinder.
Marketing Advantages
·In the field of foundation engineering machine,T-works’ HSPD is always the first choice for the piling job.
It is well reputed with high piling efficiency,excellent piling accuracy connivent transportation and 
custom-builded according to actual request.
Main Parameter