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Technical parameters

KLB26-800 Bored pile drilling rig

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Move method Electro-hydraulic step
Max drilling depth 26m
Max drilling diameter φ800
Max output torque 48.5KN·m
Rod rotated speed 23r/min
Allowed lifting force 400KN
Power for power head 55KWX2
Reductor of power head ZZSH480
Leader size φ630X8
Leader height 31m
Leader oriented center distance 600Xφ102
Leader incline range 5°front inclination
3°back inclination
Stroke 1.5m
Climbing ability <6°
Rotary Rotary way Rotary motor
Rotary angle ≤360°
Rotary speed 0~0.3
Main winch Single pulling force 5T
Increasing speed 2.0/2.6/3.2
Motor power 22KW
Assist winch Single pulling force 2T
Increasing speed 20m/min
Motor power 7.5KW
Overall dimension(L*W) 10m×5.2m
Total weight(T) 63T