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Technical parameters

TW300 Rotary Drilling Rig

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Parameter Model TW300
Max.drilling Diameter (mm) Distance From Center Of Rotary Drive To Slideway Of Mast 1140
Max.drilling Diameter 2500
Max.drilling Depth(m)   90
Engine Rated Power(kw) tab1641 375
Max.output Speed(TW/min) 2100
Rotary Drive Max.output Torpue(kN.m) 300
Output Speed(TW/min) 8~28
Main Winch Max.lifting Force(kN) 320
Diameter Of Steel Rope 32
Auxiliary Winch Max.lifting Force(kN) 120
Diameter Of Steel Rope 20
Mast Inclination Side Inclination (°) 5
Forward Inclination (°) 5
Backward Inclination(°) 90
Pull-Down Cylinder Max.pull-Down Piston Push(kN) 240
Max.pull-Down Piston Pull(kN) 260
Stroke(m) 5.3
Undercarrige Track Total Length(mm) 6000
Track Plate Width(mm) 900
Track Width(mm) 3400~4600
Max.traveling Speed(km/h) 1.5
Dimension Working Condition Dimension(mm) 11630×4800×24350
Transportation Dimension(mm) 3500×3400×16900
Upper Frame Height(mm) 1400
Upper Frame Width(mm) 3100
Undercarrige Height(mm) 1300
Rotary Radius(mm) 4600
Overall Weight(t)   90