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Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

Hydraulic Static Pile Driver

1. Civilized construction;Environmental Friendly, Clean With No Noise No Pollution and Vibration
2. Labour Saving
3. Fast pile driving speed

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Models of Hydraulic static pile driver

 ZYC80  ZYC100  ZYC120  ZYC150
 ZYC180  ZYC240  ZYC280  ZYC360
 ZYC460  ZYC600  ZYC700  ZYC860
 ZYC960  ZYC1060  ZYC1200


Detail Description of T-works Hydraulic static pile driver


Hydraulic Static Pile Drivers are featured with no noise, no vibration, no pollution and no rubbish left in construction site.It can work with H-piles, precast concrete and steel piles with different shapes,like round,square and tapered shape. There are series models range from 60T to 1200T


It is adopted the hydraulic system design of large power and high flow,the precast pile entirely depends on the hydraulic static pressure so that the pile can be pressed into the ground steadily and quietly. 


The pressing-pile speed amounting to 300-800 meters within 8hours, which its quite more efficient than other conventional pile drivers.

This unique construction method with non-pollution has gradually taken place of the pile hammer.


 Features of Hydraulic static pile driver:


Lower Energy Consumption:

>>We use variable hydraulic systems with low loss and constant power in this series of products, so that energy consumption decreases by 30% and working efficiency increase by 60%.




High Efficiency:

>>To ensure the high working efficiency of the whole machine, we use hydraulic systems with big power and great flow, the pile driving mechanism with multi-speed control and being quick in getting ready for operation.


High Reliability:

>>To ensure the high reliability of our products which engineering machines should possess, we improve the design and use very reliable materials or components which we select carefully in the process of purchasing.

>>For example we use inverted cylinder as a supporting leg which has become a patent in our country so as to avoid the easy breakage of cylinder which was the case with traditional design.



Convenience in dismantling, transportation and maintenance:

>>Since we have constantly improved our design of pile drivers for more than 10 years, every part of the machine is easy to be taken apart, which provides convenience in transportation and maintenance. 

>>Compared with the pile drivers made by other companies, ours are more convenient to be taken apart and shipped as the connection and lay out of the long boat and the short boat are different.

>>Take the drivers cab for example; it can be opened at the middle so that the lifting arm of the crane can pass through it during transportation. Besides, the side piling mechanism can be taken off so as to reduce the length of machine to be shipped and greatly reduce the weight of separated units in transportation.




>>Our products are multi-function static hydraulic pile drivers with embracing pile driving, top-pressing pile driving or both at the same time because they are well combined with each other.

>>Our products have bigger capacity of side piling and corner piling than those of other companies, and the power of side or corner piling reaches 60% of the middle piling.

>>Our pile drivers can work with a variety of piles, square piles or round piles or other shape of steel piles, no matter thin-walled round concrete piles or thick-walled ones.



Systemization and Maximization:

>>Our company has developed 14 models of pile drivers with the capacity of 60 tons to 1200 tons and each model is classified into 4 kinds according to its function with the maximum tonnage of 1200.



Flexibility in Designing:

>>To keep up with the development in the engineering machinery of the world, we will integrate all useful high technologies from machine-building, electricity, hydromechanics and electronics into our products and meet different individual needs of our customers. 

>>For example, we can, if any customer requires, install a position-controller for the crane, and a digital screen showing the tonnage of piling force, etc.


Two Patents:

>>The design of inverted cylinder as a supporting leg which avoids the radial force on the piston extends the life-time Of the cylinder. 

The patent number is ZL01249443.7.

>>Embracing pile driving or top-pressing pile driving or both are used in operation with one machine. 

The patent Number is ZL02139875.5.