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Hydraulic Piling Hammer

Hydraulic Piling Hammer

1. Wide Range of Pile Driving Application
2. Multi-fuctional and Controllability
3. High Energy Transferring & Durable Cushion Material
4. Long-term Reliability
5. Environmental Friendly

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Models of Hydraulic piling hammer

 DY3  DY5    DY7    DY9  

Models of piling frame

 TB62    TB80    TB100  TB150

Detail Description of Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Hydraulic impact hammer adopts advanced compact-structure hydraulic system. It meets the requirement of construction from all kinds of materials and in all kinds of complicated geological conditions. It can drive precast concrete piles, steel pipe piles, straight piles, and marine piling. 


Main Features:

1. High blow rate and remote control system are effective for fast and accuracy pile driving.

2. Hydraulic and electricity control components are imported and well designed ,making the remote control system reliable and easy to be operated.

3.Ten gear adjustment for impacting frequency and piling stroke to fit in different driving condition, and ensure the safety on soft ground if do small slight pile driving.

4. Ram slide makes the ram loading and changing easier.. 


Product structure